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What are the reasons behind conducting blood tests?

What are the reasons behind conducting blood tests?

Diagnosis of any health issue is imperative for its treatment. Blood test is one of the most widely used techniques for medical diagnosis. In this process, blood samples are collected, which are sent further in laboratory for testing the existing health concerns.

Following are few of the most common reasons behind performing blood tests-

  • Determine health issue– The prime motive behind conducting tests is to determine health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and disorders like leukemia and anemia.
  • Cause behind sickness– To determine real cause behind a disease. This helps the medical practitioner to determine the actual source of the problem and start with the treatment process.
  • Determining blood group– These tests are also used to determine patient’s blood group, which may be required either by the patient to obtain general information or by health specialist at the time of any surgery.
  • Body fluids– Blood test helps in evaluating hemoglobin quantity, number of red & white cells, count of platelets and fibrinogen level in the body.
  • Detect future health problems– Besides determining existing disease, blood tests also helps in detecting the possible health issues to incur in the time to come.

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