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Under what circumstances are blood tests conducted

Under what circumstances are blood tests conducted

Health problems, whether minor or major, are bound to occur at some time in our life. Some of the health problems can be determined easily while some require proper test to determine the cause. There are ample number of medical tests and one of the most common tests that doctors usually prefer to go for is the blood test. Maximum numbers of health problems are determined with the help of this test. To take this test, lab technician takes the blood samples and test it in order to find the cause.

Following are the circumstances under which doctors advice the patients to go for blood tests-


  • The first reason why the doctor advises to go for blood test is to determine various health issues in a patient.
  • These health issues may include disease like high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, hemoglobin, diabetes, and more.


  • Blood test tells the reason behind the sickness. This helps the doctors in knowing about the sickness so that they can start with the patient’s treatment procedure.

Blood group

  • The other reason why blood test is taken is to check one’s blood group. One can take it for general information or needed by the physician if undergoing any surgery of the patient.

Body fluids

  • Thirdly, blood tests are conducted to check the amount of body fluids present in the body. These body fluids include hemoglobin, red & white cells, platelets count in the body and level of fibrinogen in the body. 


  • One of the common skin problems are allergies. However, in order to detect any allergy in the body, blood test of the patient is taken that helps in determining the problem in the skin.

Blood test can help in determining various health issues and can help in treating them. In addition, one can determine futuristic health issues like for instance if cholesterol level is high in the body, it can cause cardiovascular diseases.