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Annual physical examinations are comprehensive check-ups that are performed once every year. They include diagnosis of physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Our annual physicals exams include:

  • Check-up of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, temperature, and respiration rate

  • Check-up of the cardiovascular system

  • Check-up of the respiratory system

  • Complete check-up of all the major organs such as lungs, ear, abdominal, eyes, skin, etc.

  • Blood tests to count blood cells, glucose level, cholesterol, etc.

  • Medical inspection of various other body systems like the nervous system

  • Questions about diet, lifestyle, and habits like alcohol & smoking

  • Evaluation of the patient’s and family medical history

  • Complete sexually transmitted diseases (STD) tests

  • Vaccination status for different diseases

These various medical exams ensure that patient is healthy. It also helps in detecting any existing disease or symptoms of a disease that might occur in future. In case of occurring symptoms, our physicians will recommend patients for further tests or screenings from healthcare specialists.

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