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Holter Test – The Best Way to Detect Irregularities in Heart Rhythm

Holter Test – The Best Way to Detect Irregularities in Heart Rhythm

Holter Test is a medical exam in which patients wear a small portable device or monitor that can record and measure their heart rate and rhythm. Electrodes are attached to patient’s chest while the monitor hangs around the neck or is attached to the waist (on belt). Usually, doctors tell patients to wear this monitor for at least 24 hours.

Why it is used?

This test is prescribed to patients suffering from irregularities in heart rate or showing signs of a heart problem. Normally, doctors perform electrocardiogram to detect an issue. But sometimes, electrocardiogram fails to detect any underlying issue in heart.

In such a situation, doctors advise patients to take a Holter Test. Since the time limit for this test is much longer than an electrocardiogram, there are higher chances of detecting the problem. Monitor provides essential information to doctors regarding the functionality of patient’s heart. It helps physicians in determining the cause of irregular heartbeats, rhythm and more.

What are the precautions for this test?

  • Patients wearing Holter monitor should keep this device away from water or moisture.
  • One should also avoid using metal detectors, electric blankets, and microwave ovens.

You can get complete information regarding this test from your doctor. They can instruct you on monitor’s proper use, safety, etc.