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Do you know it all about VENG Test?

Do you know it all about VENG Test?

VENG or video electronystagmography test is performed to evaluate the balance function of patients’ inner ear. It is an accurate and fast medical process that can help physicians in determining the underlying health issues in patients.

Why people go for it?

Most patients go for this test if they experience symptoms like dizziness, vertigo etc. Physicians perform VENG exam to identify the reason of these symptoms. They determine if the dizziness is caused by an inner ear disease or any other reason. Doctors also use this exam for detecting the signs of vestibular dysfunction in an individual.

How it is performed?

In this pain less and non-invasive test, healthcare professionals use an infrared camera. In this exam, three different medical procedures are performed, which are nystagmus, optokinetic and positional testing.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects of this exam. However, some patients may feel a bit dizzy after it, but it is temporary. If dizziness prolongs, then you must contact your physician immediately.

How can you prepare for VENG test?

You must consult with your doctor before opting for this exam. They can provide you proper instructions on the basis of your health, medication history etc. However, there are some medicines that you must stop taking for a certain time before this exam. It includes anti-nausea medicines, sedatives and more. These certain medicines can affect the results of this test.