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Did you know how vital annual physicals are for your overall health?

Did you know how vital annual physicals are for your overall health?

Majority of the people make appointments with their doctors only when they experience any health problem or symptom and want to some kind of diagnosis or treatment. However, many healthcare groups and experts have advocated annual physical exams because of their importance in overall physical wellness. These physicals are simple and painless.

The main aim of the annual wellness exams is to identify diseases with no clear signs or to determine risk factors that can lead to different health problems. These health exams are necessary for everyone, but in particular for people over the age of 40. An annual exam usually includes checkup of vital signs, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and various medical laboratory tests. Different types of tests will be performed to check the functionality of your organs like heart, lungs, kidney, etc.

Your physician will also discuss about few important factors such as exercise habits, diet and nutrition, vaccination history, and lifestyle habits. Based on your results of your tests and discussion, you will be given recommendations. If your medical care services detect any diseases or symptoms associated with a disease, they will recommend further screening and treatment from healthcare specialists.

Therefore, we can say that annual wellness exam is the best way to prevent serious health problems and maintain good overall health.


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